Steak Houses

Porterhouse. Rib Eye. Filet Mignon. Are you hungry yet? From city-style hot spots to down-home dining rooms, here are eleven of the Valley’s best places to find the beef


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Roudigan’s Kingston Steakhouse

Rte. 28, Kingston

Frank Roudis is serious about the meat he serves (“USDA Choice, corn-fed Steaks with an Attitude,” declares the menu), but almost as serious about making sure his customers have a good time. Roudis grew up in the biz (his family has owned eateries in Kingston since 1951). When he opened this roomy steakhouse right off the Thruway’s Kingston exit in 1994, he lined the walls of the seven dining rooms with nostalgic bits and pieces ranging from 78 rpm records to vintage farm implements and sports equipment, including his own childhood sled. Film fanatics love the lounge, where a 32-foot-long mural depicts movie stars from the silent Charlie Chaplin to the rowdy Arnold Schwarzenegger. It was painted by Jeffrey Brown, one of the restaurant’s cooks, and “was quite an undertaking,” Roudis remarks. “People like seeing how many movies they can name.”

(Speaking of Arnold, the Terminator burger is a one-pounder served with a pound of french fries and assorted fixings. “Eat it all, including the pickle, and you get the next one half price,” Roudis says. “We like doing little gaggy things like that.”)

Everything’s made from scratch, including the mashed potatoes. As for those Steaks with Attitude: center-cut short loin steaks come from a butcher in Boston; the rest are wet-aged 28 days and hand-cut in-house.

With the emphasis on enjoyment, Roudigan’s is naturally the scene of many a celebration. “We get businessmen doing things in the corner, and lawyers at lunch, but we do lots of birthdays and anniversaries, too.”

Crowd favorite: The President Porterhouse. (One taste and you’ll shout “Roudigan for president!”)
Special appeal: “Things ain’t so hot right now, so you can come here, look at the all the memorabilia, and think of a better time in life,” says Roudis.
The bottom line: From $18.95 for a 12-ounce New York strip to $26.95 for 12-ounce filet mignon.


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