Sushi 101

If temaki is still as foreign to you as Tokyo, read on. We tell you all about raw fish and rolls, seaweed and sashimi — everything you need to know to become a sushi sophisticate


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It’s hardly news that sushi restaurants are popping up all over the place: Sushi has dominated the dining scene for the hip and the happening for more than a decade now. Although our local sushi joints may not be quite as adventurous as some over-the-top Manhattan meccas (here in the Valley, you don’t often see live crabs wiggling around your plate), our region does offer a wide variety of world-class sushi dining options.

Still, if you’re like us, you may find that — while you often crave a California roll or some other sushi something — you’re not always entirely sure what you’re chowing down on when you sidle up to the sushi bar. Or maybe you never really learned the proper way to deal with your little mound of wasabi. And what exactly is wasabi, anyway? Here, we fill you in on all the basics and background, including sushi bar etiquette, and give you lots of tips to enhance your future sushi experiences. Get your chopsticks ready!


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Did you know...?

The Hudson Valley is jam-packed with great sushi joints! Dig in to our Web Exclusive, “Ready to Roll,” to find out where they are.


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