Letters to the Editor in March 2016

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cup and saucer diner

Where in the Valley...?

Opened in 2001, the Cup and Saucer Diner can be found in Pine Bush, the town renowned as the hotbed of extraterrestrial activity on the East Coast. The tales of purported UFO sightings and alien abductions are plentiful; for the past five years, in fact, residents have held an annual fair — complete with a parade and a visit from Star Wars storm troopers — that celebrates the area’s supposed popularity with otherworldly visitors.

Amid the reports of unexplained bright lights illuminating the woods, it is this no-frills restaurant that has served as the epicenter for eager sky-watchers. Over endless cups of coffee, locals and travelers from throughout the world swap stories of the mysterious spaceships they’ve glimpsed, and plot future (hopefully fruitful) stakeouts. Congrats to Virginia Smith of Wallkill for being the first to correctly identify this village landmark.

Click here for this month’s quiz, which asks you to identify the final resting place of an American president.

Wonderful diner with wonderful staff. The annual alien festival is a great celebration for locals and visitors. Pine Bush is a fabulous community.
Darcy Sutter
Pine Bush

I previously lived in Pine Bush and have eaten at Cup and Saucer many times. I’ve seen the movie Communion, which was supposedly based on a encounter from the Pine Bush area, and have hiked to Sam’s Point in Cragsmoor, which I hear is a UFO hot spot.
Lee Andrew Forman

I went here last year to fuel up and take some great photos of the UFO parade folks before they headed down the road for the festival.
Lisa Pilenza

The Cup and Saucer is my hometown diner! Looking forward to moving back with my own family to Orange County this summer.
Jamie Enos
Alexandria, VA

We love this diner! We come on Saturdays after our daughter’s soccer class. Awesome food, awesome people, and great environment.
Sheena Mathew

I spent summers as a youth at my uncle’s farm in Pine Bush, and when I visited 10 years ago, I found out it was famous for ET activity.
Mike White
Highland Falls

I love alien-infested Pine Bush!
Ray Perry
Pine Bush

Fitness Fever

I very much enjoyed the February issue’s “Healthy Hudson Valley” section. However, I was disappointed that I didn’t see anything about Pilates mentioned. Pilates is an amazing method of whole-body exercise that combines stretch with strength and control, using specialized equipment.
Elaine Ewing

Ed. note: Thanks, Elaine. We love Pilates, too — so much so that we’ll be spotlighting this fitness discipline in an upcoming issue. So stay tuned.

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