Stockade Tavern



The old-timey atmosphere at Stockade mirrors that of a historic taphouse.

This classic American drinking establishment named for Kingston’s Stockade District, also called Uptown, embraces craft. As bartender Eric Fitzgerald tells us, “We could buy raspberry syrup, but instead we make it in house. We have Kold Draft ice, the best [on] the market. Particular attention has been spent on decor, lighting and music choices, enhancing the experience. We freeze our glassware, maximizing the enjoy-ability. Is that a word? Stockade: Enjoy-ability, maximized!”

Eric Fitzgerald, Bartender 

What’s your background? 
I’m a father, a husband and a musician, with a BFA in studio composition from SUNY Purchase. I’ve bartended for 13 years and picked up something new at each place. Variety was my main education.

Favorite cocktail to make
An Old Fashioned, because there’s just no rushing it; no matter how busy you are, you get to stir for 30 seconds and collect yourself. A much-needed, blissful escape on some nights!   

Favorite day to work
I’m partial to quieter nights with intimate interactions and lengthy storytelling. It’s nights like these when that old “tavern feeling” takes over — people convening in public to drink, but also converse, interact, debate, and sort out the world’s problems.


1 oz gin 

1 oz apple brandy 

1 oz sweet vermouth

1 teaspoon Green Chartreuse 


Stir gin, apple brandy, and sweet vermouth with Green Chartreuse. Strain up or on rocks, and serve with a lemon twist.

313 Fair St., Kingston; 845.514.2649;

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