Now Entering: Cool Town, USA

There are dozens of cool little towns in the Valley... and now one in Ulster County has the official signage to prove it

saugerties cool town sign

As far as we’re concerned, there are dozens of cool little towns in the Valley (in fact, we think pretty much all of them are). But now one in Ulster County has the official signage to prove it. In October, Budget Travel deemed Saugerties one of the “10 coolest small towns in America” for its indie shops and feels-like-home quality (read our corresponding report, “Cool Cash, Cool Community”). But Van Bolle, owner of the village’s trendy DIG Boutique, thought locals could do more to bring attention to the town. “The Budget Travel thing went viral quickly, and I thought it’d be really great if we could publicize that — and get more people to stop at our exit — with a billboard of some sort,” he says. Meetings were held between members of the Chamber of Commerce and village and town officials, and within a few months both Thruway exits leading into Saugerties were adorned with banners denoting the little city’s coolness. So what does this mean for Saugerties? “A lot of people that travel upstate are always looking for the fun and quirky things around here,” Van says. “When they’re looking for a new place to explore, a new place to move to, they can check out Saugerties. It has great natural attractions, a really nice village center, and it’s a great place to spend time in.” That sounds pretty cool to us.


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