Baking Cupcakes: Little Gourmet Desserts that Dominate

Despite rumors about the decline of the nationwide cupcake craze, these tiny treats still reign supreme in the Valley


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How long can a trend be “just a trend” before it’s classified as a cultural mainstay?

After a three-year rise in popularity, forecasters with an eye on the baking industry are predicting that the gourmet cupcake craze is about to crash from its sugar high.

Local consumers disagree, however. The single-serve treats are still in such high demand that bakers specializing in gourmet cupcakes are sprouting up all around the Valley. We’ve got everything from cupcake shops, to cupcake trucks, and even festivals honoring the mini sweets. Bakers without storefronts are developing devoted followings by selling their treats in cafés, bistros, and even farmers’ markets.

Light years beyond the basic Betty Crocker box variety, gourmet cupcakes can include fruity flavored treats; gooey candy centers; boozy additions (such as Grand Marnier frosting or vodka-infused cake); or savory infusions of spices, tomatoes, or onions.

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