Baking Cupcakes: Little Gourmet Desserts that Dominate

Despite rumors about the decline of the nationwide cupcake craze, these tiny treats still reign supreme in the Valley

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maxine's catering/bittersweet bakers

It might seem that these newbies to the baking scene are having success because they happened to catch the cupcake wave at the right time, but Maxine Stein of Maxine’s Catering/Bittersweet Bakers in Accord proves otherwise.

Stein, a self-trained pastry chef, has been working in and around the Valley for 20 years. The bulk of her business is in catering weddings, and even she’s noticed an increase in demand for cupcakes in lieu of large, tiered cakes; this year, she’s had about 10 requests for cupcakes instead of traditional styles.

“Some clients are asking for a small cake for the cutting ceremony, with cupcakes for their guests,” she says. “And red velvet cake with cream cheese icing has been a very popular flavor” — another trend that the industry claimed was starting to fade away.


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