Bocuse Restaurant Review in Hyde Park: French Food and Dining in Dutchess County

French revolution: The opening of the Culinary Institute’s Bocuse Restaurant signals a whole new era in fine dining

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filet mignonWorld class: Filet mignon is prepared with marrow custard, potatoes, celery root, and red wine

Of course, this is still a French restaurant. Gallic-inspired food remains front and center, and French selections dominate the wine list. The caçao-cured foie torchon, a combination of cocoa and foie gras, is the most popular appetizer on a menu that also features frog legs and vineyard style snails for starters. Then, there’s the famous Black Truffle Soup V.G.E. Elysée, served in a cloud of puff pastry. Chef Bocuse first created it in 1975 when it was served at the Elysée Palace to then-French President Valery Giscard d’Estaing. It remains one of his signature dishes — which is why he formally opened his namesake restaurant not by cutting a ribbon, but by cracking into an oversized puff pastry. The dish costs $12, and I can personally assure you that it is worth every penny.

bocuse restaurant interior

Main dishes include potato-crusted lemon sole, breast of duck with blood orange, filet mignon of beef with marrow, and an always popular lobster and vermouth ragoût. If you still crave some excitement come dessert time — but you don’t fancy ice cream — you should opt for the Mont Blanc. This classic French dessert, made with chestnuts and rum-soaked pound cake, literally smokes in très dramatic fashion, this time thanks to dry ice.

Mure notes that the restaurant is “generating that young kind of hip vibe. Younger people from New York City are coming in.” And why not? With this modern take on the tried-and-true classics, diners of all ages will enjoy a visit to Bocuse.

Lunch & dinner Tues.-Sat. when classes are in session
Appetizers $5-$13; entrées $17-$32; desserts $5-$12

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