Showdown in the 20th

Two local politicians go head-to-head to claim the 20th Congressional District seat. Plus: local races

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Sandy Treadwell (continued)

Unemployment in the Valley is up 20 percent from a year ago. If you were elected, what could Congress do to help create new jobs in the region and attract new businesses?
Reduce the burden of taxes. We pay the highest taxes of any place in America, and that’s prevented companies from coming here. We have an extraordinary workforce, we’ve got a wonderful quality of life here, and we’re in competition not just with other states but we’re in competition with other countries for jobs. The first thing we have to do is reduce the tax burden, to encourage companies to come here. That has to be done.

A 2007 Dyson Foundation and Marist College poll shows that making health care more affordable is Hudson Valley residents’ number one priority. What can Congress do to make health care more affordable?
Congress has done nothing about health care. It’s a major issue, obviously right up there in the top concerns of Americans, and they’ve done nothing about it. I believe the answer is not a single-payer system — the government should not run health care. Health care should be available and affordable to everyone, but it should be driven by the consumer. The consumer should have more choice. Our members of Congress are able to choose what kind of health care coverage they want based on what they can afford, and our citizens should have the same rights as members of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

So do you support allowing U.S. citizens to have the same health care plan as the government?
It has to be a competitive system, driven by the consumer. The consumer should have the right to choose what kind of coverage he or she wants, based on what they can afford, and I think there should be tax credits to help people buy coverage. I think a single-payer, government-owned system is unworkable, and it would end up driving up the cost.

You’ve pledged to serve no longer than four terms in Congress if elected. Is that right?
I believe in term limits, yes.

Why is that such an important issue to you?
Look at the gridlock that’s now happening in Congress. Just about every bill and every decision, the motivation for it is political survival and expediency. They’re not doing the work that the people sent them there to accomplish. Our founding fathers did not envision a professional legislature. They envisioned a citizens’ legislature. You brought your experience to Washington and then you went home. I am an advocate of term limits and I believe four terms is the right amount for a member of the House, and two Senate terms. This was tried in a little different way in the ’90s; we were talking about six years rather than eight in the ’90s, and it went nowhere. But I am absolutely an advocate for term limits.

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