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Cave Mountain Brewing Company

5359 Rte. 23/Main St., Windham

The deal: Taco night

“Unexpectedly delicious!” declares one online reviewer of the pub grub at this year-old brewery. No surprise, four nights of the week, the specials are beverages. But the other three nights, the deals are on food. Monday is $1 taco night; Tuesday, it’s $5 for chicken wings (about 10 to a serving, mild or hot, with sauces to jazz them up); Wednesday you get fish and chips for $5.

The tacos — hearty nibbles made with beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese — are the big favorite, reports Amber Adams, who opened the brewery with her chef husband, Tim, last fall. “There seems to be a competition for who can eat the most — I think the record is 21.”

The young couple (he’s 36, she’s 24), worked in restaurants before turning their home-brewing hobby into a venture that Tim describes as “a large home brewery, or a miniature microbrewery.” The conical fermenters, on view in the pub, allow them to make only ales, but those range from lighter brews to richer stouts, as well as some fruit and wheat beers. There’s no beer snobbery though — if you want a Bud, they have it, as well as a full bar for the margarita/mojito set, and a little wine.

“There seems to be a competition for who can eat the most”

The brewery is set in a Victorian storefront on Windham’s main drag, with a cheery orange dining area and a bar overlooking the adjacent kitchen. Wood floors, TVs, and a couple of couches keep the mood casual. “It’s very laid-back, very kid-friendly” Amber stresses. “We wear jeans and a shirt as a staff uniform, and the food is served in baskets, or on paper plates.”

The pulled pork sandwich (for about 10 bucks) and the Angus strip steak (for $20) were such popular specials they now appear on the regular menu along with burgers, ribs, and such.

The brewery has attracted a mixed crowd of skiers, hikers, and locals of all ages. “Early, we get families and elderly people, and as the night goes on, the younger drinking crowd comes in,” Amber says. Things get lively on Thursdays, when there’s a house band and open mike for wannabes, and at Friday’s theme parties during ski season.

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