Top 10 Reasons Why You Can’t Miss the Chocolate Expo

Not sure if you want to attend the Chocolate World Expo this November? Here are our top 10 delicious reasons why you absolutely can’t miss it


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oz pearlman

6. It will mess with your mind. Having trouble choosing which chocolates to sample next? Mentalist Oz (pronounced “Ohs”) Pearlman — who works his magic in three shows beginning at noon — knows exactly what you’re craving. (Seriously — he can read your thoughts.) The charming mind reader has entertained the likes of actor James Gandolfini, Senator John Kerry, and the hosts of CBS’s Early Show. During his Expo performance, Pearlman promises to ask a man to retrieve his wallet, and “before he even takes it out of his pocket, I’ll predict exactly, to the penny, how much money he has on him.”

Watch Oz in action here:


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