Top Dentists 2010

Our annual roundup of the Valley’s top dentists — as rated by their peers


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dr. michael tischler

Dr. Michael Tischler, Tischler Dental

121 Rte. 375 , Woodstock 845-679-3706

Practicing dentistry: 20 years (his dad Maurice founded Tischler Dental and has been practicing for 50 years)
Dental school: Georgetown University.
Out-of-the-office life: When he’s not chairside, you might find him out in the woods with a camera. Tischler is an accomplished landscape photographer; his mural-sized photos grace many of the walls of Tischler Dental. Focusing mostly on the Catskills, he creates limited-edition landscapes that are timeless, often-breathtaking works of art. To see examples of his photos, visit

Michael Tischler, D.D.S., F.A.G.D. on Dental Implants

“What’s really exciting to me now are dental implants,” says Dr. Michael Tischler of Tischler Dental in Woodstock. He notes that, according to the federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, nearly one-quarter of adults in New York over age 65 have lost all their teeth. “And when you’re missing your teeth, your whole lifestyle is affected and your nutritional intake is diminished. It’s a very serious situation.”

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Dental implants — titanium posts anchored into the jaw to support artificial teeth — are a high-tech alternative to conventional dentures and bridges, Tischler says. “An implant can replace one tooth, or every tooth in the mouth can be done; there are many options.” Besides being more attractive, implants are superior to bridgework in several respects: Surrounding teeth are not usually affected by the insertion of an implant (they must often be ground down to support a bridge); and the bone around the root of the replaced tooth is less like to resorb (or deteriorate) when an implant is used.

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