Hudson Valley Top Dentists 2011: 5 Reasons Why Going to the Dentist is Easier, Safer (And Less Painful) Than Ever

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Thank goodness for dental anesthesia. Those little magic shots that numb the mouth help patients glide through what otherwise might be uncomfortable, even painful, procedures.

But what about post-anesthesia? For a couple of hours after leaving the dental chair, a patient often can’t speak clearly, smile, eat, or drink — you might even catch yourself drooling. Not a pretty picture for folks with a busy day ahead — and an anxiety-provoking scenario for those who may already suffer from dental phobia.

Now, dentists have a new trick to speed up the return of sensation to the lips and tongue area after routine treatments. OraVerse is a sort of reverse anesthesia — the product is injected in the same way the original shot is given, while the mouth is still numb. According to the manufacturer, clinical trials show that patients usually regain sensation twice as fast with OraVerse.

“Generally, if it takes, say, two hours normally for numbness to wear off, the time is cut to about one hour,” says John T. Lynch, D.M.D., of Hudson Highlands Dentistry in Middletown, who has been using OraVerse for about two years.

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Another group that can benefit are children who might be upset by the sensation of lingering numbness in the mouth (the manufacturer doesn’t recommend it for children under six or kids weighing under 33 pounds). “Numbness can scare some children,” says Lynch. “They may not understand what it is.”

An OraVerse shot can run about $10-$12. But many patients don’t mind the extra cost. “They say it’s a big help when they have a dental appointment on a busy day and need to be fully functioning again as soon possible,” he adds.

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