Hudson Valley Top Dentists 2011: 5 Reasons Why Going to the Dentist is Easier, Safer (And Less Painful) Than Ever


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Holistic dentistry is an approach that’s growing in popularity — it regards dental well-being in the context of a patient’s overall health, and often relies on both traditional and alternative treatment techniques.

Recent research suggesting a link between oral bacteria and heart disease, as well as concern by some over possible toxic effects of mercury in dental fillings, are just two issues that have helped fuel awareness of the interconnection between the mouth and the rest of the body. There’s even a Holistic Dental Society: Founded in 1977 and based in Florida, it helps provide information for professionals and patients alike to encourage a broad-based approach to dentistry.

One key aspect of holistic dentistry is the use of materials considered biocompatible — those thought to be safest for humans. These can range from metal-free fillings and implants, to bonding agents and other substances that rarely trigger allergic reactions.

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Tischler Dental in Woodstock has long been regarded as a pioneer in holistic care in the Hudson Valley. “It’s a cornerstone of our practice,” says Michael Tischler, D.D.S. In addition to the use of biocompatible materials, Tischler Dental provides homeopathic remedies, for instance, for pre- and post-dental care (such as tincture of myrrh to help reduce minor gum pain from inflammation). Another holistic bonus: Acupuncture is also available to help patients relax, reduce dental pain, treat TMJ (jaw) problems, and assist in the overall healing process.

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