Toro, Fishkill

Best place to eat on the cheap in 2012: Toro, Fishkill

Looking to satisfy that bibimbap craving? Or just curious about what the popular Korean dish — basically a mixture of rice and veggies — might taste like? Take your palate on an Asian culinary adventure at Toro in Fishkill, one of the few places that specializes in Korean delicacies. The aforementioned bibimbap (pictured above) comes with beef, tofu, or spicy pork for $11.95. While prices generally increase from there, you can still find a variety of reasonably priced dishes to fill you. The soon-doo-boo, for example, is a soup combo (soft tofu soup in a liquid broth) that comes with rice, kimchi, and ban-chan for only $10.95. Korean food is often known for its spicy hot flavors: Be sure to have a drink nearby when enjoying the kimchi-chigae, a spicy kimchi soup with pork, tofu, mushrooms, and potato noodles, plus sides ($14.95). Toro also offers an array of Japanese hibachi, sushi, and sashimi, ranging from $4.95 tempura dishes to seven-piece roll platters around the $20 mark.

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