Can’t miss coffee shops, quirky cafes, revelations from a roastmaster​, decoding labels, coffee crib sheet
...and more!

By Steve Fowler


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Coffee Fun Facts

Did you know coffee loses 70% of its flavor in just two minutes?

The Quirky Cafés of the Hudson Valley

Get your fix at these funky caffeineries.

These Are the Hudson Valley's Can't Miss Coffee Shops

These three spots are worth going out of your way.

Coffee Crib Sheet

Never fear - coffee is near!

The Evolution of Coffee

If you've never heard of third wave coffee, you should probably read this.

Here's Why You're Drinking Stale Coffee and You Don't Even Know It

Get roasted.

Decoding Coffee Labels

You shouldn’t need a Ph.D to figure out what that label on your beans means (but it wouldn’t hurt).