Bridge to the Past

The paintings on this historic walkway has pedestrians doing a double take

Where in the Hudson Valley...?

Take a stroll to this Valley landmark, and you’ll be walking alongside 500 years of history. Located on a pedestrian bridge, this intricately decorated concrete lamppost is one of 30, each with a mural illustrating a historic milestone in a local city’s history. The murals depict artifacts revealed by nearby archaeological work. To ensure that history wasn’t rewritten in any way, local experts and historians spent about a year and a half doing research for the paintings. The artwork is done in trompe l’oeil, or “trick of the eye” style. At first glance the murals appear to be three-dimensional, but it’s just your eyes playing tricks, as they are actually two-dimensional paintings. Donations from local citizens and business organizations contributed to the paving of the bridge, which offers Valley residents a scenic and convenient walkway as well as a taste of this area’s rich historical saga.

Can you name this wondrous walkway? Send us your answer as a comment below; the first reader who gets it right wins a prize. Good luck!



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