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After 17 years of planning, fund-raising, legal manuevering, and dangerous manual labor, the long-awaited Walkway Over the Hudson opens this month. Here’s how the one-time longest bridge in the world became the crown jewel of the Quadricentennial celebrations

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Poughkeepsie Railroad BridgeReprinted with permission from Hudson River Bridges by Kathryn W. Burke. Available from the publisher online at www.arcadiapublishing.com or by calling 888-313-2665

By the Numbers:

3,500 Number of train cars that once crossed on a daily basis
Length of bridge in feet (about 1.25 miles)
Distance (in feet) that the bridge rises above the water
Depth of wood piers under the water (in feet)
Years bridge has been out of commission
Months it took to convert bridge to walkway
Weight of each cement panel (in tons)
Number of panels used (approximate)
$27.1 million:
Original fund-raising goal in 2007
$38.8 million: Revised fund-raising goal
$54 million: Amount it would have cost to demolish bridge
$0 Usage fee
267,700 Number of projected annual visits
307 Total number of jobs the project created
100 Percentage of local workers
$727,400 New annual tax revenues for Dutchess and Ulster counties



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