Tour Poughkeepsie’s Little Italy

Poughkeepsie’s Italian section is home to a number of authentic restaurants and bakeries


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La Deliziosa Italian Pastry Shoppe

10 Mt. Carmel Pl. 845-471-3636

Now in its 36th year, this bakery is known as the “home of the original cannoli chip,” according to owner/Executive Pastry Chef Frank Cordaro. The chip-and-dip combo (diamond-shaped cannoli shells served with one pound of cannoli cream) has been a local staple for about a decade.

L’atmosfera: Something about this pastry shop evokes a sense of nostalgia. The front windows are lined with whimsical faux wedding cakes — the kind that young girls stare at dreamily. The pastries are packaged in a classic white box tied with striped string pulled from overhead.

Le persone: It’s an in-and-out kind of place. You’ll find everyone from brides-to-be choosing that special cake, to regulars stopping in for their usual order, to weekenders up from the city who heard about a good place to get a real cannoli.

Le merci: Cannoli and Napoleans are popular. For something a little more decadent, try the black forest tart (chocolate mousse outside, chocolate filling, cherry on top) or the mousse tart (light and fluffy, yet satisfyingly filling).

Gustare questo: Sfogliatelle (at left), available weekends or by special order, is a flaky pastry that resembles a seashell and is filled with ricotta, semolina, and candied fruit. When you bite into it, the outer layers crackle in your mouth before the soft, sweet filling takes over.

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