Best Food & Drink • Editors’ Picks
Best Food & Drink: Editors’ Picks

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Best Comfort Food

Best Comfort Food 2014: Dutch Treat, American Glory BBQ, The Dog House


Dutch Treat


Just a few minutes off the Taconic, this diner attracts locals and travelers alike who hail the friendly service and down-home offerings of comfort food for breakfast, lunch, and occasionally Saturday dinner at Dutch Treat. From peach pancakes and grilled cheese with tomato to strip steak with peppers and onions, there’s something yummy and tummy-filling for anybody with an appetite. The eatery features daily specials — some even come with a free ice cream cone. Which, of course, encourages kids in the car en route to Dutch Treat to recite that classic mantra: “Are we there yet?”  518-325-5107

american glory bbq exterior american glory bbq interior

American Glory BBQ 


Housed in a renovated red brick firehouse, this restaurant/bar is a tribute to classic American food like barbecued pulled pork, brisket, and chili. An upstairs-downstairs layout, the joint’s first floor is a pub decorated with vintage trinkets gathered from nearby antiques shops. The upper floor houses the 100-seat dining room, supplemented by a private dining area. You’ll feel like you’re seeing old friends as you revisit the foods of your youth: Mac ’n cheese gets a makeover here, a trio of cheeses breaded with panko, deep-fried, and served as a sizzling, golf ball-sized appetizer. “Almost everyone orders them,” says bartender Erin Graham. Deep-fried pickles paired with sweet pickle-jalapeño dipping sauce are another hot item. Homey meals like eggplant parm (with asiago and mozzarella), stuffed peppers, meatloaf, and sloppy Joes satisfy crowds of all ages. 518-822-1234;

The Dog House


Since 2005, the Dog House has been crazy popular for its affordable family dining. “We are diner-quality food in a fast-food setting,” says Steve Saffer, co-owner with Nick Culianos. “But we’re not like the fast-food chains, where it’s brought in frozen and microwaved. This is food that’s fresh, cooked to order.” There are hot dogs of course — 16 types, including Italian, Chicago, and New York, each with different toppings. Then there are the burgers: beef, mini, veggie, turkey. But what really puts people over the moon is the breadth of the menu, from nachos and quesadillas to ribs and crabcakes. “Mom can have a grilled chicken wrap, Dad can have wings, and the kids can order grilled cheese,” says Saffer. It’s not just families who love it: Seniors are also big patrons. Free delivery is another perk, so dialing up a full dinner is as easy as ordering pizza. 845-624-9500;


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