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Best Local Pet Food

Best Local Pet Food 2014: Butcher’s Blend from Woodstock Meats


Woodstock Meats


When Woodstock Meats owner Kevin Christofora began to notice that many of his customers were ordering meat for their pets, a lightbulb went off. After much research, he introduced Butcher’s Blend six years ago. Today, the company offers raw dog and cat food without the additives and byproducts often found in commercial brands. Enticing-sounding dog food blends — beef with broccoli and apricots, or chicken with sweet potato and apples — mimic the ancestral canine hunter’s omnivorous diet of meat, fruits, nuts, berries, vegetables — and even bones. Because cats are carnivores that require protein, their menu consists of chicken, rabbit, salmon, and turkey.

Available frozen from Woodstock Meats, Accord Pet Store, and select pet-supply shops, the blends have earned a loyal following. “You hear many things, like ‘My cat was next to death and you wouldn’t believe the difference,’ ” says Christofora. One unexpected benefit: Pets absorb more nutrients, so they poop less. “New York City pet owners love it because there’s less to pick up.” 845-679-7917;


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