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21. All-Veggie Bolognese That Doesn’t Need Beefing Up
An all-veggie and altogether scrumptious sauce that belongs in every pantry.
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22. A Meat-Lover Turns Vegan — and Doesn’t Hate It (The Final Word Opinion Column)
The reluctant vegan: A friend’s off-the-cuff challenge results in a surprising lifestyle change
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23. April 2012
mama greenest april 2012 hudson valley magazine blogs alternative parenting blog green parenting blog shannon
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24. At Home with Nava Atlas article 10 %
25. A Vegetarian's Guide to the Hudson Valley
Here's where to eat, shop, and learn about vegetarian, vegan, and plant-based lifestyles along the Hudson River.
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26. Baby Bites
How you feed your child, and the example you set with food, is really important. There’s a lot of pressure to make sure Baby doesn’t only eat well, but that she develops a healthy relationship with food
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27. Balance Workshop for Seniors
Healthy Living series, “Balance Workshop for Seniors”, Wed., April 12, 5 - 6:30pm in the Senior Center; which is wheelchair accessible.   Balance is an essential part of all movement, at every level: dance, athletics, biking
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28. Balancing Act
More than just a diet, macrobiotics is a lifestyle that encourages followers to live in harmony with their environment
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29. Become The Best "You" Possible at ZONED Fitness page 1 %
30. Becoming Vegan: A Free Community Event
Diet hurts all of us: the animals, our precious planet, and our own bodies. We’re here to support folks who want to move towards healthy
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31. Best of Hudson Valley: Food & Drink
Check out the region's top food, from the best craft vodka to the coolest place to get your donuts and coffee.
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32. Breast Cancer Awareness Should Be Year Round
with Zoe Weinstein, MD
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33. Bringing the Thyroid Up to Speed
with Michelle L. Abis, MD
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34. Bulletproof Coffee Craze Hits the Hudson Valley
Adding butter to your coffee: a cool craze or just plain crazy?
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35. Caring For Baby Before Birth
with Kimberly A. Heller, MD
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36. Coconut Oil is NOT Healthy
Let’s just pretend all those pesky reports to the contrary never happened.
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37. Communal Healing
A new breed of acupuncturists aims to make the age-old treatment available to more patients
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38. Conquering Colon Cancer: Early Detection is Key
with Namrata Patel, MD
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39. Creature Comforts article 1 %
40. CrossFit Fitness Trend in the Hudson Valley, Upstate NY
Move it! CrossFit shakes up the Hudson Valley
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