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1. Wedding Gifts: How to Reject a Traditional Wedding Gift and Accept a Gift of Service
Accepting a wedding gift is rarely a problem (we should all be so lucky!); however, here’s what to do when you want to tell the gift-giver that a traditional gift is not necessary
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2. Bad Wedding Gifts: How Do I (Tastefully) Reject This Awful Wedding Gift?
Our bride’s wedding gift is one she won’t mind returning
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3. The Difference Between a Bridal Shower Gift and a Wedding Gift
What’s the rule for finding a bridal shower gift (and how is it different than the wedding gift)?
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4. Wedding Gifts for Second Weddings and Renewal of Vows
Many couples opt to elope and host a delayed reception. For ceremonies like these — and second weddings — is it appropriate to give a gift?
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5. Wedding Gifts: Should I Give a Gift if I’m Out of Town?
A wedding guest wonders if she should send her niece an engagement gift if she can’t attend the party
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6. Offspring Equality: Should Parents Give the Same Wedding Gift to Sons As Their Daughters?
The Wedding Guru Judy Lewis fields this week's wedding questions. Today: Should parents give the same amount as a wedding gift to sons as their daughters?
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7. What, No Gifts? Why You Shouldn’t Expect Gifts at Your Wedding
The Wedding Guru puts a bride in her place after she complains about not receiving as many gifts as she’d hoped
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8. Wedding Gifts: Ordering from a Bridal Registry (and What to Do If the Gift is Lost in the Mail)
A local bride is told her wedding gift is in the mail — but she never receives it. What’s the best way to ask her guest about it?
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9. Do Big Weddings = Big Gifts?
The Wedding Guru Judy Lewis fields this week's wedding questions. Today: Should the cost of the ceremony up the cost of your gift?
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10. Do We Have to Reciprocate a Generous Wedding Gift?
Are you obligated to return the favor when someone gives you a wildly expensive wedding gift?
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11. For a Wedding Gift That’ll Last, Skip the Registry
One grandmother wonders if sticking to the registry will prevent her from finding the perfect wedding gift
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12. Wedding Etiquette: Calling Off the Wedding Means Returning the Gifts
A guest is surprised to learn that her best friend canceled her wedding — and she’s not retuning the gifts
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13. Wedding Gifts: Sending Thank You Notes and Cards
A bride finds hand-written thank-you cards exhausting; her groom suggests sending an email instead. The Wedding Guru sets them straight
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14. Bridal Shower Gift Idea: The Wedding Quilt
Need a bridal shower gift for the bride who has everything? The Wedding Guru has the perfect suggestion
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16. Military Couples Who Marry Without a “Proper” Wedding May Still Receive Gifts
A military couple eloped before the husband was deployed. Now that he’s returned, they want to throw a dinner party. Is it proper to ask for gifts?
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17. Second Marriage and Nothing to Show For It: Should You Register For Gifts for your Second Wedding?
A husband- and wife-to-be contemplate a bridal registry for their second marriages
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18. Wedding Officiant: To Give a Gift?
If the officiant’s personalized service is a gift in itself, is she required to give an additional gift
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19. I.O.U. a Gift
The Wedding Guru Judy Lewis fields this week's wedding questions. Today: When it came to sending a wedding gift, you snoozed. Don’t lose! Try this solution to redeem yourself
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20. Bridal Shower Gifts: Help Me Find the Perfect Gift for My Goddaughter
A godmother has trouble finding the right bridal shower gift. The Wedding Guru, to the rescue!
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