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1. Wedding Traditions: Military Weddings
Some military-wedding traditions can be confusing to a civilian — even when it’s the bride!
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2. Wedding Traditions: Wedding Cake Cutting and Garter Toss
When do you cut the cake and perform the garter toss at a wedding?
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3. Wedding Traditions: Candles, Pillars, Flower Vases May Be Used Instead of a Wedding Arch
Our bride’s husband-to-be is too tall for a traditional wedding arch. Check out the Wedding Guru’s suggestions to replace this tradition
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4. Wedding Traditions: Jumping the Broom
The Wedding Guru explains the African-American wedding tradition of “jumping the broom”
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5. Wedding Traditions: What Yellow Rice is Tossed at an Indian Wedding, and How Do You Cook It?
Kohinoor Basmati rice, which is traditionally thrown at Indian weddings, makes for a delicious dish
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6. Wedding Traditions: Should I Mail My Wedding Invitations in Two Envelopes?
Is it overkill to mail your wedding invite in a double envelope?
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7. Wedding Gifts: How to Reject a Traditional Wedding Gift and Accept a Gift of Service
Accepting a wedding gift is rarely a problem (we should all be so lucky!); however, here’s what to do when you want to tell the gift-giver that a traditional gift is not necessary
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8. Weird Wedding Traditions: Here Comes the Bride — Three Hours Late?
A groom-to-be questions a silly tradition abut the bride arriving late. The Wedding Guru sets him straight
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9. Wedding Traditions: Spiders on Your Dress and Ringing Wedding Bells
You may hate spiders, but you’ll want them (and bells) around on your wedding day
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10. Wedding Traditions: Breaking the Rules and Having a Custom Wedding
Do I always have to wear white? Can I scrap the cake in favor of something a little more fun? One bride wants to break the rules — and it’s perfectly okay
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11. Wedding Traditions: A History of Party Favors and Their Origins
It’s customary to take home a little memento from a wedding; today, one bride wonders how the party favor tradition came to be
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12. Wedding Traditions: The Money Dance
Have you ever heard of the wedding custom of the Money Dance? The Wedding Guru explains
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13. Wedding Traditions: Receiving Line
Is the receiving line really necessary in this day and age?
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14. Wedding Traditions: Veils, Knives, and Ignoring Your Beloved for 24 Hours
Why do brides wear veils? Why can’t we give knives as wedding gifts? And what’s the deal with not seeing your spouse-to-be within 24 hours of your wedding day?
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15. Wedding Traditions: Toss Conventional Party Favors for Eco-Friendly Ones
A local bride and her mother feud over party favors, but The Wedding Guru has a solution to please them both
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16. Wedding Traditions: Does My Dad Have to Walk Me Down the Aisle?
Though it’s a tradition that the father of the bride escorts her down the aisle on her wedding day, it’s not necessarily “law”
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17. Wedding Traditions: Giving the Toast (and What to Do When You Can’t Toast)
A bridal couple nixes the traditional toast — but the parents want to speak up
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18. Wedding Traditions: Cutting the Cake
You know what to eat, but what — if anything — do you say during the cake-cutting ceremony?
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19. Breaking With Tradition
The Wedding Guru Judy Lewis fields this week's wedding questions. Today: Breaking With Tradition
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20. The Yichud Room
The Wedding Guru Judy Lewis fields this week's wedding questions. Today: A guest witnesses an odd tradition at a coworker’s wedding
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