Vast Vane

Hudson’s Half Moon sets sail daily from the top of a local building

Where in the Hudson Valley...?

What better way to determine the direction of the wind as it blows off the Hudson than by consulting a replica of Henry Hudson’s Half Moon?

While many Valley residents celebrate the 400th anniversary of Hudson’s voyage this year, one city salutes the historic sail every day with this wondrous weathervane, located atop a college administration building in the Capital Region. Local lore insists that, in 1609, the original Half Moon landed in the exact spot where this building now stands.

Large enough for an actual sailor, this sizeable ship weighs about 400 pounds and stands nearly nine feet tall, making it the largest working weathervane in the United States, according to the Smithsonian Institute.

Marcus T. Reynolds, an architect best known for transforming the face of this north-Valley city, designed the copper reproduction, which was installed in January 1915. Reynolds studied medieval and Gothic architecture across Europe and brought that style to several surrounding buildings in this area.

Do you know which city contains this commemorative compass? If so, leave your answer as a comment in the box below. The first reader who gets it right wins a prize. Bon voyage!


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