Mushroom Hunting in the Hudson Valley: Why Mushroom Hunting is the Next Big Thing

Mushroom hunting is a growing trend; learn how to identify and find mushrooms in the Hudson Valley


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There’s something fulfilling about getting in touch with your inner hunter-gatherer. Whether its catching fish for a family dinner or making a quick salad with greens from the garden, this primitive instinct continues to lead modern-day wild-game hunters and edible-plant foragers to the bountiful Hudson Valley. But one food, above all others, sends foodies and foragers alike deep into the forest: wild mushrooms.

“Now with the Internet, people are learning about foraging and are growing interested in trying it themselves,” says “Wildman” Steve Brill, a naturalist who’s been leading foraging expeditions around the New York area since 1982. “There’s just more access to information and to networking; many Meetup groups talk online and egg each other on to try new activities. It attracts a lot of different people.”

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