U.S. Postal Services Honors Russel Wright in “Pioneers of American Industrial Design” Stamp Series

A Rockland Historical Society exhibit celebrates an unusual WWII unit

Ever wondered how much work might have gone into creating everyday kitchen silverware? The U.S. Postal Service thought that excellence in this field deserved national recognition. Last June, the Postal Service chose to honor 20th-century industrial designer Russel Wright’s stainless steel Highlight/Pinch flatware in the “Pioneers of American Industrial Design” stamp series.

Wright, a Putnam County native, devoted his life and work to the concept of easier living, which was a revolutionary departure from the formal etiquette of the 1950s. He used new technology and materials to create his inexpensive, mass-produced dinnerware, furniture, and appliances. Wright worked with his wife, Mary, to introduce America to a more modern style of living. Together, they turned Wright’s name and persona into a brand on par with major companies, a technique copied by lifestyle marketing greats like Ralph Lauren and Martha Stewart. His designs are trademarked by practicality and simplicity, traits that also can be seen in the design of his environmentally friendly home, Manitoga, located in Garrison.


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