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wright's farm apple butter
Photograph courtesy of Wright’s Farm

Apple Butter & Sauce from Wright’s Farm

For those of us who want to taste the best the season has to offer straight from the source, Wright’s Apple Farm churns out their own homemade apple sauce every autumn. The apple sauce is made from their own “low spray” apples with no added sugar. You can try four unique flavors such as blueberry, raspberry, blackberry, and chunky apple sauces at Wright’s farmer's market. If you want even more apple goodness, Wright’s farmers make their own apple butter as well.

wright's farm apple saucePhotograph courtesy of Wright’s Farm

We recommend using a variety of apple sauces in your everyday cooking this fall. Apple sauce can be used as a side dish to meat dishes like pork and steak or as a substitute for oil in baking. There’s nothing wrong with eating it straight out of the jar either. The variety of colors in Wright’s flavored sauces makes them a fun treat for kids as well.

$28 for 3 jars at Wright's Apple Farm

» Go to Wright’s Apple Farm in Gardiner, NY



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