Your Guide to Apple Picking in the Hudson Valley

The time is ripe to pick a peck, devour a doughnut, or sip a cider


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They’re here!  Everywhere you look, trees are bursting with tantalizing red, green, and gold treasures. After all, our region is legendary for apple production—and for creating varieties that the whole country craves. In fact, the state harvest is the second largest in the country, according to the New York Apple Association, a trade and marketing group representing the state’s producers. And with annual bushels last year numbering some 32 million, that’s a lot of fruit. Our bountiful belt contributes roughly a quarter of the entire harvest, and Ulster County ranks second in number of apple farms overall for the Empire State. With such abundance on our doorstep, the time is ripe to pick a peck, devour a doughnut, or sip a cider. 


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