A Beginner's Guide to Displaying Art at Home

A local expert shares her advice for purchasing and showcasing the perfect piece.



Jennifer Kahrs, the owner and creative engineer behind Walnut Hill, the exhibition framing and fine arts shop in Hudson, shares her tips for purchasing and displaying the perfect works of art.


Q: What is the best way to select art for your home?

A: There are many ways to go about it. From my perspective, the best purchase is one that resonates with you and that you will never tire of looking at. Market trends are going to change, and whereas you could buy for purely investment purposes, kudos if you do, nothing is better than supporting young artists and being rewarded later for your excellent taste.  


Q: Should it match the décor of your home, or just feel right to you? 

A: You are more likely to change your décor than your art. Buy art and build your décor around it. It never hurts when everything feels connected.


Q: Why should you hire a professional for framing? 

A : Sometimes you can be successful if you are a DIY person, but many times, professional framers have techniques and tools that make a huge difference in presentation. Framing is the final step in completing any work of art.

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