Apple Picking Guide

This Week’s Pick: Golden Delicious Apple

Find out all about the Golden Delicious apple



The original tree of the Golden Delicious was located in West Virginia, which declared the apple its official state fruit in 1995. It’s a delicate little thing, and prone to bruising, so handle with care.

Taste: Mild, sweet, juicy, and crispy

Use: Salads, sauces, apple butter, and baking; good for freezing

Nutritional value: Low in calories, good source of soluble fiber (which has been proven to help lower cholesterol), contains vitamins A and C. To cut down on your carb count in pies, use this apple; the natural sweet flavor replaces some of the sugar

Fun fact: Many people think it’s related to the popular Red Delicious, but it’s all just in the name!

Availability: September through June

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