Here's Proof That Burgers and Wine Are a Perfect Pairing

Beer is great, but vino will take your sliders to a whole new level.


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Few pairings beat the effortlessly iconic combination of burgers and beer. Yet, as the endless innovation in the world of food and drink proves, sometimes you should mess with a good thing. Case in point: the partnership of hamburgers and wine may be more unusual, but that’s not to say that it’s not just as good as, if not better than its beer-inclusive alternative.

To prove a point, we asked Christine Barnes, co-owner of di’Vine Wine Bar in Wappingers Falls, to share a few of her preferred vinos to drink alongside a perfectly juicy burger. Pick your favorite combo, or try all three.


Classic Burger

“For a nice charred burger dressed simply I would recommend an Oregon Pinot Noir or a French Syrah,” says Barnes. “These wines have subtle tannins and earthy characteristics that complement the charred meat. They also have peppery undertones that add flavor to a simple burger.”

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Bold Burger

“For a burger with bold toppings (bacon, blue cheese, onions), I would definitely recommend a bigger red like California Cabernet Sauvignon or Zinfandel or an Argentina Malbec,” Barnes explains. “These wines have lush fruits usually rich with cherry and black currant flavors and carry a more robust spiciness.”

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Wine at Di'Vine / Photo by Christine Barnes


Spicy Burger

If you love a bit of kick on your patty, “you would want a red that has hint of vanilla,” Barnes notes. “We carry an Australian red blend that would work well (Hopes End Red Blend) or even a French rosé would work as well.”

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