Munch on These 7 Marvelous Hudson Valley Muffins

Whether it’s Monday morning or National Muffin Day, the sweet and fluffy pastries make every day better.


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In our humble opinion, muffins are one of the more under-appreciated pastries. Yes, the oft-eaten treats are a breakfast essential, and tasty to boot. Yet in a world of fluffier-than-air cupcakes, delightful donuts, and gooey cookies, they can get lost amid the flurry of sweet, over-the-top options.

Lost no longer. This time around, it’s time for muffins to have their day in the sun (National Muffin Day is February 20 in case you want to go all out with it). Whether you pick up a sky-high sweet to power your weekday morning or sneak one into your late afternoon pick-me-up with coffee, you’ll love taking a few quiet moments to savor the Hudson Valley’s under-the-radar snacks.



Bite Me Bakery

Order: Dark Chocolate Cherry Muffins

Ok, so we can’t promise you’ll find a dark chocolate cherry muffin waiting for you whenever you decide to take a trip to Bite Me, since the menu depends largely upon the bakery’s whims. Don’t let that deter you from a trip, though. Who knows, your journey to town may lead you to an equally tempting brown sugar cinnamon pecan or pumpkin muffin instead.



Bread Alone

Boiceville, Kingston, Rhinebeck, Woodstock
Order: Mixed Berry Muffin

Bread Alone does pretty much everything well, so it’s no surprise that the Hudson Valley brand’s muffins are top notch. While you can’t go wrong with the hearty morning glory muffin or iconic blueberry, the fruit-filled mixed berry is a treat regardless of whether you toast it or enjoy it as is.



By the Way Bakery

Order: Sunshine Muffin

When you need a wake-up call sans the blaring alarm, go straight to By the Way Bakery and pick up the Sunshine Muffin. The zesty confection is packed with sweet, slightly tangy marmalade and pineapple. Add in a few pecans for crunch and you have the just the thing to power you up for the day.




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Dottie Audrey’s Bakery and Kitchen

Tuxedo Park
Order: Cheese & Chive Muffin

Be warned, Hudson Valley sweet teeth! Dottie Audrey’s is a confectionary wonderland in Orange County. Don’t let that sidetrack you from your muffin-powered journey, though. Options like cheese and chive (for savory fans) and pumpkin cream (when in season) make the trek to Tuxedo Park more than worth it. Of course, if you do get distracted by the wealth of goodies while you’re there, feel free to pick up a cupcake or crumble bar for the road.



Pretzels, banana and banana chocolate chip muffins just came out get them while it's hot!

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LaLima’s Bakery

Order: Red Velvet Chocolate Chip Muffin

It’s dangerous to live in drivable distance to LaLima’s. The Monroe bakery is particularly tempting around breakfast time, when it lures innocent passersby with enticing scents of blueberry turnovers and cinnamon buns. Get them if you like, but don’t forget to treat yourself to a red velvet chocolate chip croissant while you’re there. You can savor it on its own or, if you’re really feeling it, with a cup of homemade hot chocolate, then pat yourself on the back for indulging in a much-needed self-care moment.



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Our Town Bagels & Bakery

Order: Cranberry Walnut Muffin

Mahopac’s cornerstone bakery is a must for bagels and coffee in the morning. When you’re ready to switch it up from the same old, same old, however, go for one of the shop’s towering muffins. While corn and double chocolate are standby flavors, the cranberry walnut hits a delightful balance between fruity and nutty without ever being too sweet.



Rockland Bakery

Order: Lemon Poppy Muffin

If you’re in the Nanuet area, you’re probably most familiar with the yeasted treats that come out of Rockland Bakery. Think bagels, breads, rolls, the works. While those goodies are admittedly wonderful, they’re only part of the story at the all-in-one bakery, which does sweet just as well as savory. On the muffin front, the lemon poppy variety is a dream afternoon snack when you need a treat that doesn’t send you straight into a sugar coma.

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