Going to the New York Renaissance Faire? Here's What to Expect

The New York Renaissance Faire is still celebrating strong.


The New York Renaissance Faire is back for it's 40th season, and if you haven't yet made the trip to the Majestic Groves of the Sterling Forest (aka Tuxedo Park), you still have a month to experience the thrilling festivities. The faire runs weekends through October 1, so dust off your best serf attire and brush up on your Elizabethan lingo, because the faire will be gone sooner than you can say, "Huzzah!" 

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From jousting knights on horseback to cringe-inducing pyro play, you won't be able to look away from all of the thrilling action.


This was most definitely fun and different. #renaissancefaire #joust #horse #oldschool

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Aaron Bonk and Acrobatix at New York's Renaissance Faire

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Well that's some fun! #aaronbonk #flamingwhips

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Come in your 16th century best, but prepare to be upstaged by the faire's many colorful personalities. 


Huzzah! @newyorkrenaissancefaire

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And if you didn't leave with a belly full of turkey leg or fried, well, anything, you're going to have to make another trip.


Gobble gobble 🦃

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Fruity pebble donuts at the Renaissance Faire ⚔️ and my full @huntandorchard #armyparty

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Fried ice cream at the #nyrenaissancefaire #shutupandtakemymoney

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Maple bacon doughnuts? Sure. Something I always get here.

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