Newburgh Brewing Made an Eggbert-Themed IPA — And It's Selling Out Fast

Head to their taproom to taste the new brew dedicated to the Hudson Valley Christmas icon.


Photo by Newburgh Brewing Company

Shuffling through the winter wonderland, you gaze at the shimmering LED lights dangling overhead, the toy train chugging along a figure-8 track, the candy canes and lollipops bordering the path. The line zig-zags forward, and you hear a voice boom in the distance.

It’s him.

Your palms start to sweat as you recite your Christmas list over and over in your head: Gamecube, 64-pack of crayons, wait — what was after crayons?

The line advances. You catch a glimpse of him through the doorway: wide-set on his throne, a rosy blush in his cheeks, a glint in his eye.

You’re ushered through the door and up to a microphone, but, before you can say anything, he greets you by name and asks what you’d like for Christmas.

Your parent nudges you, but you’re frozen, mouth agape, wondering how he knew your name. Another nudge and you robotically mumble your Christmas list into the microphone. He thanks you, wishes you a Merry Christmas, and suddenly you’re back at Devitt’s Nursery and Supply.

This is the magic of Eggbert.

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Try as we might, the magic of Eggbert simply can’t be explained; only experienced. He is but another icon unique to the Hudson Valley, and that’s why Newburgh Brewing Company has crafted and named their latest beer in his honor.

According to President and Chief Operating Officer, Paul Halayko, the idea originated last winter when the brewery sold pint glasses with Eggbert’s face on them. Folks who purchased a glass also received $1 off beers throughout December.

Thanks to a new canning machine (or perhaps a Christmas miracle), the idea has evolved into an entirely new brew.

Angry Eggbert IPA will be sold starting today, December 1, at Newburgh Brewing Company’s taproom. Brewed with spruce needles that the staff trimmed themselves, Angry Eggbert is a departure from conventional winter beers like stouts and porters. Halayko describes it as light-bodied and balanced with touches of citrus and pine.

He also says supplies are limited; the beer is expected to sell out before the end of December.

Commemorate by the glass or grab a four pack for $14. Or sample Newburgh Brewing Company’s full selection of beers, including Angry Eggbert IPA, when you visit the egg who knows your name at Devitt’s.

A small amount will be reserved for Eggbert After Dark on December 29. At this special event, Eggbert will visit the brewery, and adults will have a chance to talk to him — without their children’s supervision.

Halayko says the beer will also be distributed in Connecticut to spread word of the egg, the myth, the legend.

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​Photo by Newburgh Brewing Company

While Newburgh Brewing Company doesn’t have any plans for additional beers based on Hudson Valley culture, they do share a 5-year anniversary with Rushing Duck Brewing Company. The two have partnered to produce Duckburgh, a blend of four beers — two barrel-aged brews from each producer. Set for a December 15 release, Duckburgh will be even more limited in supply than Angry Eggbert IPA.

With all of this demand heading into the holidays, it’s easy to forget the most important question: How does Eggbert feel about all of this?

“Eggcited.” he says.

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