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Modern Trends in the Garage Door Industry

There was a time not too long ago when a garage door was thought of as a basic, functional piece of equipment with relatively few options as to style, size and features. However, like so many other industries, the overhead door industry has undergone a remarkable evolution over the past couple of decades. Today, between rapid-paced architectural trends and technological advances, homeowners and businesses alike can order customized doors in almost any style and size, and for almost any application.

Serving the Hudson Valley area for more than four decades, Dutchess Overhead Doors has seen its share of changes in this business over the years. Daniel Madsen and Kelly Madsen Dalia of Dutchess Overhead Doors sat down with us recently to share some of the current and ongoing trends they are seeing in the garage door industry.



Energy Efficiency

Between rising energy costs and the increase in flexible use in homes, Daniel says their company has seen a consistent demand for energy efficient doors—a trend he says has continued since the early 2000s. “Up until the 1980s, garage doors were uninsulated,” he says. “They were wood paneled with a quarter-inch thick panel, and that’s all that separated your garage from the outside. But with all the changes that happened and the oil crisis, people started insulating their houses more, and then garage doors followed suit. Today, for somebody who has an attached garage, they are going to want to create a warmer space in the garage which will help keep the rest of the house more comfortable.”


Contemporary Styles

While modern farmhouse style homes continue to be widely popular in Hudson Valley homes, Daniel says the company has been getting an increasing number of calls for more contemporary designs. “There has been a real growth in the aluminum-and-glass doors, or what some people call full-view overhead doors,” he says. “We have higher demands for different finishes like anodized or powder coat finishes, and that’s been really fun.”



Smart Technology and Wi-Fi Connectivity

One of the biggest trends in recent memory, according to the folks at Dutchess, is the increased demand for wi-fi connectivity in the context of smart home technology. “We are a LiftMaster ProVantage dealer, and as such, we sell LiftMaster residential and commercial door opener products,” says Daniel. “Almost every opener that you can buy now is going to have Wi-Fi connectivity right from the factory for no extra charge. It allows the user to monitor whether the door is open or closed, and for how long, and then they can open and close the door from anywhere in the world. It’s great for people who have pet sitters, house sitters, contractors, etc., or if they just want to see what is going on with their house while they are away.”


Unique, Customized Solutions

With all the options available with overhead doors these days, Kelly Dalia says their company’s favorite calls come from customers looking for creative solutions that are unique to their situation. “We are definitely not the type of people who walk away from a challenge,” she says. “We may not even know the answer right away, but we are able to find it and find manufacturers who will do what they want. We work with them through that process continually because a project like that could take eight to nine months.”



“Large doors are not just for garages anymore,” Daniel adds. “They are for studios, retail locations, store fronts, bars, living rooms…And we really enjoy the difficult projects that have specific requirements visually or functionally, you know, getting a garage door's glass sized to be the perfect proportion, getting a perfect tan finish or powder coat finish that matches the trim, the general aesthetic or the custom front door that they had built.”


Dutchess Overhead Doors is a third-generation family company serving Poughkeepsie and the surrounding area since 1973, offering both state-of-the-art custom installation as well as high-quality service and maintenance on overhead doors throughout the Hudson Valley. Call them at (845) 471-1130 to learn more.

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