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School is in Full Swing

Dutchess Community College
53 Pendell Rd
(845) 431-8010

What does your college offer that differentiates it from others?
Small classes, excellent faculty who are engaged in teaching, service learning opportunities, and a friendly and supportive campus environment are hallmarks of a DCC education. Students can transfer to top four-year schools or enter the workforce after graduation without incurring burdensome student-loan debt. Tuition is lowest in New York state—just $3,528 per year. Dutchess County high school students graduating in the top 10 percent of their class can attend DCC tuition-free.


Dutchess Day School
415 Rte 343
(845) 677-5014

What is your institution’s goal for its students besides providing an academic education?
The DDS arts program—visual art, art history, music, theater—is very strong end-to-end. Our studio art students study both history and technique and their work, regularly exhibited regionally in galleries and other venues, is exceptional. Our music and theater program has moved into newly renovated space (work completed over the summer of 2016). The new, much larger stage, practice rooms, classrooms, and choral space will house our ever-growing instrumental program, three choruses, four ensembles, theater productions, and daily music classes. We value the arts as much as we do academics and strive to provide our students with every opportunity to broaden their experience.


Green Meadow Waldorf School
307 Hungry Hollow Rd
Chestnut Ridge

What does your school offer that differentiates it from others?
At Green Meadow Waldorf School, our unique teaching philosophy and methodology awaken students’ innate capacities. We offer a rigorous, balanced education brought to life through experience. In science and math, this happens in the lab and through observation of the natural world. In the arts and humanities, it takes place through storytelling, movement, recitation, drama, music, drawing, and painting. An emphasis on oral expression and personal mastery of the material in all subjects enables our students to develop into confident adults, and a focus on hands-on discovery nurtures a lifelong love of learning and a spirit of innovation.


Mount Saint Mary College
330 Powell Ave
(888) 569-3223

Will there be any new programs for the 2016-2017 year?
Mount Saint Mary College is excited to announce new degree programs being offered in the 2016-2017 year. The college will now offer a BA in Criminology, as well as five-year programs that allow students to graduate with an Accounting BS/MBA or a History BA/MSE, with other education combinations, including English, chemistry, and biology. These three new degrees join a list of over 50 academic programs offered by the Mount, including nursing, communications, technology, and more.


Oakwood Friends School
22 Spackenkill Rd
(845) 462-4200

What is your institution’s goal for its students besides providing an academic education?
Our students and faculty believe that the classroom is a space of shared exploration, where all voices are heard, students are given the freedom to take academic risks and develop their own views, but also learn to communicate and live effectively in a community.  Our goals are met when students possess the confidence to successfully navigate new and complex topics and the willingness to embrace the diversity of ideas and opinions they encounter.


‚ÄčRamapo College
505 Ramapo Valley Rd
Mahwah, NJ
(201) 684-7300

How is your school using the latest technological advances to better the education it provides to its students?
Ramapo College received the prestigious 2016 Hobson's Education Advances Award for its accomplishments in increasing student retention and establishing a campus-wide “success network.” Ramapo, which has achieved an 88 percent retention rate, is using specially-designed software platforms to connect staff and faculty across campus to encourage student success, ensuring that both at-risk and those on track receive the support they need to complete their studies. The award reaffirms Ramapo’s commitment to personalized attention and developing the whole student, while using technological innovation to improve educational outcomes.


St. Thomas Aquinas College
125 Rte 340
(845) 398-4100

What does your college offer that differentiates it from others?
At St. Thomas Aquinas College, we are dedicated to developing programs to help our students compete in the current marketplace.  For 2016-2017, St. Thomas Aquinas College’s School of Business introduced a new program in hospitality management and the School of Arts & Sciences introduced a new program in exercise science. Last year, the School of Education started programs in Early Childhood & Childhood Education and Educational Studies.  Learn more at


Soundview Preparatory School
370 Underhill Ave
Yorktown Heights
(914) 962-2780

What does your school offer that differentiates it from others?
At Soundview Prep, we strive to help each student build on strengths and confront challenges without needing to compare themselves to others. We give students the freedom to evaluate themselves honestly, without the fear of being judged. In this atmosphere, students find that school can be a more meaningful, personalized, and transformative experience as they prepare for college-level learning. We offer rolling admissions. For more information, call (914) 962-2780 or visit


Trinity-Pawling School
700 Rte 22
(845) 855-4825

What is your institution’s goal for its students besides providing an academic education?
To prepare students for the future. In addition to creating a foundation of academic knowledge, it is incumbent upon schools to also strongly emphasize those skills that will be necessary in this rapidly changing world: critical thinking, collaborative leadership, creativity, entrepreneurship and initiative, written and oral communication, and problem solving. It is the goal of Trinity-Pawling to deliberately highlight these skills because they garner greater individualized value in college and career. Trinity-Pawling is distinctively and deliberately poised to prepare our students for an ever-changing world as leaders.


Wallkill River School of Art
232 Ward St
(845) 457-2787

What is your institution’s goal for its students besides providing an academic education? 
We are not an accredited school, and therefore are unlimited in our academic offerings, which vary broadly from Sip and Paint classes, free drop-in for Seniors, to classical fine-art training in drawing and painting, and fun art classes for children.

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