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Live the Way You Want With Natural Gas

Cold nights and crisp days make for an ideal time to consider and enjoy the many benefits natural gas brings to a home. Comfort, convenience, and savings are three benefits homeowners with natural gas relish about now.

Whether you love cooking, taking long hot showers, couch-surfing next to a crackling fire, or walking around the house in T-shirts in the dead of winter, natural gas can amplify the things you love most about being home, while adding comfort and value to your property.

Many homeowners assume natural gas is just for heating and forgo this affordable luxury unless their furnace or boiler is on the fringe of breaking. Yet, natural gas offers versatility to power a full range of home appliances while providing amazing savings, conveniences, and comfort! Natural gas can be used instead of or alongside fuel oil.

Natural gas fireplaces roar to life with the flip of a switch; no need to pay for firewood delivery and struggle with perfecting your paper, kindling, and log stacking routine. Natural gas water heaters provide hot water twice as fast as their electric counterparts, while natural gas dryers provide instant heat and dry clothes more quickly. Patio grills, outdoor heaters, fire pits, and pool and spa heaters powered by natural gas enable ease and comfort for entertaining. Ever want those tiki torches or flickering outdoor lamps seen at hotels? “Yes, those too, are possible at home with natural gas service.

One favorite benefit of natural gas is temperature control when cooking. If you’ve ever cooked with an electric stove, then you know the pain of waiting for a burner to reach the high or low temperature you want. But with natural gas, you can bid that wait farewell. High heat and immediate heat reduction are always available in an instant; just turn the dial and there you go! If you’ve ever cooked with propane, then you can also forget about that nasty black soot on the bottom of your pans, since natural gas burns cleaner and provides fewer emissions.

Unlike fuel oil, natural gas, once connected, is available on demand and bills are based on actual usage, rather than a fuel delivery that not only takes up useable space, but is charged based on stockpiling against what may or may not be needed.

This is one of the best times to explore bringing natural gas service to your home since Central Hudson Gas & Electric is currently offering a range of incentives. If eligible, depending on your chosen equipment and project, you could receive thousands of dollars in rebates! Learn more by calling ‪(800) 527-7214 or visiting CentralHudson.com.


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