5 Mouth-Watering Things We're Eating and Drinking This April

Our food editor Steve Fowler reveals what to order in the Hudson Valley this month.


Chile relleno at Mexican Radio in Hudson

Photo by Jesse Turnquist


Chile Relleno at Mexican Radio

537 Warren St, Hudson,

As owner Lori Selden tells it, we have this dish to thank for the opening of Mexican Radio. When living in San Francisco, Selden developed a passion for Mexican food and would host dinner parties, using the social gatherings as practice to perfect her recipes. Her diligence has paid off; twenty-three years later, Selden still uses the same recipe at her restaurants in Hudson and Schenectady. It’s no wonder why: topped with pico de gallo and lime crema, this cheesy stuffed poblano swims in a tomato-jalapeño sauce, giving it just a touch of heat.



Dumplings at Tiki Temple

206 Main St, Poughkeepsie

Sure, you can snag an order of dumplings at Tiki Temple any day of the week, but once Thursday rolls around it’s time to splurge. Not only does the price drop to a dollar-per-dumpling, the filling options quadruple. Choose from chicken lemongrass, golden pork, shrimp edamame, and jade spinach. A minimum order of four dumplings means no one goes home hungry. Plus, you know what pairs well with dumplings? Cocktails. And Tiki Temple has lots of them (try the Smoking Cannon).



Bacon, Egg & Cheese | get your eggs scrambled or fried and choose from bacon or sausage on any of our breads & bagels! We get our bagels from @lox0fbagels in #saugerties. They complete any breakfast! |⠀ .⠀ .⠀ We always appreciate any feedback you might have, and are continuously working to evolve for the better of our patrons and community members. Thank you for your continued support of Taste Budd's Cafe!⠀ ​.⠀ ​.⠀ ​.⠀ ​#tastebudds #tastebuddscafe #redhook #redhookny #redhookhudsonvalley #redhookhudsonvalleyny #hudsonvalley #hudsonvalleyny #local #yum #delicious #cafe #foodie #coffeeshop #notjustacoffeeshop #food #coffee #foodcafe #coffeecafe

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Bacon, Egg, and Cheese at Taste Budd’s Café

40 West Market St, Red Hook

A classic bacon, egg, and cheese is a thing of beauty. Fluffy eggs, crispy bacon, gooey cheese — every breakfast spot has their take. We’re not going lie and say we don’t drool at the thought of the greasy bodega version you’ll find in New York, but Taste Budd’s Café makes a more…let’s say “wholesome” sandwich. The café supports other small businesses by purchasing bagels from Lox of Bagels in Saugerties. But a bagel is just a suggestion; the sandwich orders here are highly customizable, broken down by bread, cheese, and meat. Get a BEC with provolone on brioche, or go nuts with focaccia, goat cheese, and vegan bacon. Of course, we all know what’s in a true BEC, but we’ll save that discussion for the comments section…



Dessert at Serevan

6 Autumn Ln, Amenia

Serge Madikians, an Armenian from Iran, whips up all kinds of creations at his Amenia restaurant. A mix of Middle Eastern and Mediterranean flavors makes up the menu, and while dishes change weekly, you can’t go wrong here, especially for dessert. Perfect example: To celebrate Nowruz, the Iranian New Year centered around the concepts of new life and revival associated with spring, Serevan served silky rose water rice pudding, topped with a rose petal and pistachio cookie, and saffron ice cream. What better way to bid winter good riddance?



Easter Goodies at Lucas Candies

6 Main St, Haverstraw

Talk about a dynasty — this fourth-generation confectioner has been making chocolate in the same location for over 120 years. On March 30, they opened their Easter Candy Rainbow Room, the vibrant seasonal selection of candies devoted to your favorites: chocolate bunnies, Easter eggs, and of course, those half-beloved, half-despised treats: jelly beans.

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