5 Great Things We’re Eating and Drinking in March

Our food editor Steve Fowler reveals what to order in the Hudson Valley this month.


Irish Soda Bread

Photo provided by Bread Alone


Irish Soda Bread at Bread Alone

Locations in Boiceville, Kingston, Rhinebeck, and Woodstock

Forget any notion of bone-dry bread crumbling between your fingers; Bread Alone’s version of this St. Patrick’s Day classic is made with a blend of certified organic, New York-grown whole wheat and whole spelt flour for a nutritious, nutty base. Inside, the loaf is chock full of yellow raisins, orange zest, caraway, and anise seeds.

Pop a slice in the toaster, smear it with butter, and you’ll have found the luck of the Irish.


the bee tavern

The Bee Tavern wings / Photo by Freddy Galarza


Honey Garlic Wings at The Bee Tavern

29 Center St, Middletown, 845.467.4138

A newcomer located just across from the Middletown Thrall Library, The Bee Tavern uses one not-so-secret ingredient in nearly every item on the menu: honey. Nowhere is this better exemplified than in its chicken wings. While there are six different varieties on the menu, honey garlic hits that perfect blend of sweet and spicy. Oh, and that goes double for the honey sriracha fries.



Citrus Carpaccio at Fin & Brew

5 John Walsh Blvd, Peekskill, 917.788.4555

Down south the citrus harvest is in full swing, so it’s the perfect time to savor this tangy flavor — plus, everyone can use a boost of vitamin C this time of year. Fin & Brew’s gorgeous appetizer incorporates a variety of oranges, which are then garnished with bleu cheese, fennel, almonds, and — get this — sambuca. A couple bites of this dish and those warm summer days won’t seem so far off.



Sunday’s are made for cheat meals, right? Especially pork tan tan! 🍽😍🥢

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Pork Tan Tan at Yum Yum Noodle Bar

Locations in Kingston, Red Hook, and Woodstock

Originally offered as a special, Pork Tan Tan grew to be so popular among Yum Yum diners that it graduated onto the permanent menu. Can’t say we’re surprised: The sesame-miso pork gives these noodles just enough kick to clear out your sinuses — whether you have a cold or not. Just try to remember to breath in between slurps.



Chocolate Salami, DPNB Pasta & Provisions

21 North Broadway, Nyack, 845.353.2167

Sadly — or should we say, tragically — this treat doesn’t combine rustic Italian sausage and chocolate (although someone should start R&D on that). Rather, this deceptive dessert combines Marcona almonds, hazelnuts, pistachios, biscuits, and chocolate into a roll, which then gets dusted with some powdered sugar and voilà: chocolate salami. For added fun, pick up some for your next dinner party and watch as guests discover the surprise on their own.

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