See What Siri Daly Is Cooking Up for Her Wine & Food Fest Demonstration

The NBC TODAY contributor and cookbook author talks recipe development, family favorites, and guilty pleasure treats.


Photo Courtesy of Siri Daly  

​Siri Daly is one of those people who somehow manages to do it all. In between juggling her role as an NBC TODAY food contributor with her job as a mother of three children, Daly somehow managed to put together Siriously Delicious: 100 Nutritious (And Not So Nutritious) Simple Recipes. The cookbook, which debuted in April, features approachable recipes designed for busy people and active families.

We caught up with the food blogger and wife of The Voice host, Carson Daly, before she takes the stage at our Grand Tasting Village on June 9 for a live cooking demonstration. In addition to whipping up a few delectable bites in front of a live audience, Daly will also hold a meet-and-greet book signing.


Congrats on Siriously Delicious! How long did it take to make the book?

It was a long time coming because I had been writing a food blog for eight years. As much as I love writing, I also love talking about food. There are a few recipes in the book that exist on my blog, but for the most part they’re all new. It was a fun and creative process thinking about all my favorite things to eat.


How do you develop your recipes?

It’s a lot of trial and error. I love to use my gut and my instinct. Sometimes I get it right off the bat. My family really does help me, especially Carson. He gives amazing feedback, and I couldn’t do it without him.


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You’re originally from Minnesota. Does your Midwestern background influence your cooking style?

I think so. I joke about how Minnesota’s winter is eight months out of the year. I lean toward comfort foods and heartier meals. My family plans reunions around food.


What are a few of your favorite recipes in the book?

I love the French chicken, which is a really simple method of roasting a chicken. It’s so easy and it makes so much. I also love the crispy chicken paillard. It’s so adaptable. My girls will eat the crispy chicken with carrots on the side. I also love the homemade Girl Scout cookies.


The Girl Scout cookies sound amazing! Are your kids foodies too?

If you count chicken nugget lovers. My girls are definitely picky. They all hit 18 months and decided they didn’t like food anymore. My son, who is nine, is the light at the end of the tunnel. They all love cooking and they love being in the kitchen. They love to bake with me. Food in general is a big part of our lives. They do love sushi, too.


Do you have any guilty pleasure foods?

I love pasta. It would have to be a really, really good carbonara or greasy Chinese takeout. Carson’s not really into Chinese, so that’s my go-to when he’s gone.



Siri's Summer White Peach Sangria, Photo by Scott Rounds / Siri's Burrata and White Peach Crostini 
Photo by Jennifer Cause

What about family favorites?

We love taco night. We’ll make that French chicken and turn it into tacos or make fish tostadas. We moved from California to New York four years ago, so we try to recreate that food at home a lot. My kids all love avocado. We call it ‘cado.


Are you ready to show us your stuff at the Wine & Food Fest?

I’m really excited!

Want to see Siri Daly prepare her “Burrata and White Peach Crostini” and her “Summer White Peach Sangria” recipes? Click here for Grand Tasting Village tickets. Enter promo code FOOD to receive 10% off! Don't wait, it's only valid through Saturday, May 28 at 5 p.m.

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